Immediate On-Scene Cargo Claim Response

When your cargo is spread across four lanes of Interstate blocking traffic, you can be certain that the Highway Patrol will not be concerned with mitigating claims expenses when the contact a Tow Company or other Contractor to clear the accident scene.  Our adjusters can respond immediately to the scene of an accident to monitor the cleanup, document the resources used by the cleanup contractor, and provide you with detailed updates and photos from the accident scene or your cargo loss.

Physical Security

To reassure your customers that their cargo is not tampered with or to prevent loss of high value cargo, our team can monitor the cleanup, offloading, inventory, and storage of your loads.  We can provide inventory services, documentation of chain of custody, and storage sight security surveys/inspections.

Surveys – Cargo Shortages and Damage Disputes

Its always a sensitive matter whenever there is a dispute regarding the status of cargo you delivered or received, particularly when the relationship between you and the other party is vital to the success of your business.  As a third party, we can assist in the inventory and damage documentation of cargo at any facility across the United States.

Salvage Disposal

Our local assets can assist you in salvage & disposal of cargo to ensure your expenses are mitigated and you get the best possible return on the sell of the salvage.