Recorded Statements by Phone or In Person

It never fails that the recorded statement you need the most is frequently the hardest to obtain.  We can help!

Our staff can provide multiple levels of service based on your instructions to help ensure you get the statement you need.  Statements will always be provided to our clients in electronic format, never on tape.  In addition, or team is extremely proficient in making contact with your subject through alternative means, using the Internet and Public Records to locate individuals when their current contact information is not readily available.

Our most commonly used service is After Hours Contact for recorded statements.  Because your subject most likely works the same hours as you, it is frequently difficult to obtain statements during your business hours.  Our staff works around the clock, and can frequently resolve issues with difficult to reach individuals in just a call or two after hours.  We get you the information you need, while keeping you from working overtime.

Statement Acquisition Services Include:

  • Recorded Statements In Person or By Phone
  • Contact Letters
  • Database, Internet, Social Media and Public Records Searches for Claimant, Witness, or Other Subject Contact information
  • Cold Call Visits to Claimant Addresses
  • After Hours Contact
  • Etc.